Thursday, June 11, 2009

Full Tilt Winner $2402.80 --- $1 rebuy 1st of 3755 Entrants --- GG WEEEEEEEEEEE

Derek_Ridley on Full tilt.

Full Tilt Winner $2402.80 --- $1 rebuy 1st of 3755 Entrants --- GG WEEEEEEEEEEE

Bodog Stats for Pro Ridley
Poker Stars Stats for Derek_Ridley
Full Tilt Stats for Derek_Ridley

NOTE: Also won 1st place in the Bodog Fight Challenge for $5,000 worth of prizes including $2500 42" Plasma TV, $1800 Poker Table, $400 Bodog Gear, $300 Bodog Poker chipset.- ("I'm a Poker X Factor member and Poker Pawnage member who is also being trained by Professionals." )

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Variance is something we all live with.

How's it going everyone. Still getting deep in alot of tournaments, getting chips in good, just need to hold more.

AA vs. A9 flops 998 .... GG all in pre $300,000 pot
A6 vs. AQ flops A610... all in on flop turn K river J .... gg run better...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

wow, what a 2008 year last year.

Goal for this year is going to be 50K. Going to 2010 WSOP to play main event with 5 friends, getting staked in almost anything I want to play, just need them hands to hold for some big cashes. Consistently get deep in just about everything I play.

51% ROI as of 1-10-09. Up to 10-tabling consistently, played in my first $215 sunday million and took 529 of 7577 for $434. It's not much but its a start considering first paid $185,000.

Got a big cash coming soon, just a matter of time and with that said, "KEEP ON SHOVING AND BUILDING THEM CHIPS".

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Good Week so far

weeeeeeeeeeeeee...... Good week so far......
7 out of 2097 in the $3.30 rebuy on Poker Stars for $718 and
1 out of 180 in $4.40 - 180 man on Poker Stars for $216.

I'm also a member of Poker X Factor now for about 4 months, and it definitely paid off tremendously. If you have questions please look me up. I'm getting deep pretty consistently, just need those hands to hold late in tournaments.... GG..........

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Getting Refocused

Took a little break from Poker and came back to finish 7th out of 2163 entries in a pokerstars tournament. I was very focused and running good as well. Getting my money in with the best hands.


Derek Ridley

Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend 4/12/08 --- Break Even

I went to Amelia Belle this weekend to play 3/6/12 limit game. Really alot of calling stations at table, and a few people who kept betting 12 on river bluffs. Three big pots I sniffed out bluffs which brought me all the way to +160 ...

1. Blind vs. Blind --- I had 93 and flop came 2 9 A, he bet I raised he calls, turn came J, I check he bet I call, river came 7, I check he bet 12... I thought for a sec looked at him trying to very still, I called and he immediately said you win and I showed him my 93 off suit....

2. J9 vs. button flop comes Ah Jh 2h, I checked he bet, I called, turn came 9, checked, he bet, I called, river came 6, I checked, he bet 12, I called and he said you did it again, read another player well, he showed me 10 3 offsuit and I won with my J.

3. 85 spades in middle position vs. 44 in SB. flop comes 637, he bets its folded to me, and I raise to isolate, SB flat calls so I know he doesn't have 54, turn comes brick A, now he is trying to represent an ace and bets, I flat call and the river comes a four... YES.... my straight... He leads out 12 with his trip 4's, I guess he was hoping I had two pair.... I thought about for a minute and kep my composure, then I repopped him for 12 more..... he called ... nice pot.... 5 callers preflop


AA in late position with 7 callers, didn't do any good for me to raise in limit poker because everyone will call to see flop.... well flop comes AK7.... checked all the way to me... I bet out first position calls along with 2 more players and I raise now trying to build a pot with a massive flop...
everyone calls, turn comes a 10. 1st position bets out, 1 player behind him folds, 1 player calls, and I call, playing it safe. River comes a 9, 1st postion bets the max other player calls, and I fold and show my three aces giving 1st position for his QJ for the A high straight.... it was too obvious, he kept blinking and couldn't hold in his composure....


8 players in a raise pot and I look at 55 on the button and I call the $6 to see a flop. Flop comes 7 spades 5 spades 3, first position bets, 3rd position raises, 6th position flat calls, I flat call to get more money in on turn. Turn comes 7, now I'm filled up and I'm gonna make a pot now. first position checks, 3rd position bets, 6th position calls, and I raise on button, Now 1st postion folds, 3rd position reraises 6th position flat calls again, and I reraise,,,, continued to max.... river comes 10 spades. They both check check, I bet max $12, and they both called 3rd position held KK and 6th position had nut flush... I take down the pot with 55577... Filled up...

Overall, I came out ahead about $7.00, even after being up about $260, now enough for a combo at Burger King, LOL.... but I got a lot of play between 5PM - 4AM. Lost alot of my stack when we were 4 handed because of the open ranges short handed, and not beleiving the players hands... one guy got k2 vs my AQ on a board of Q222K. GG LOL..... Run better next time

Derek Ridley

Monday, March 17, 2008

Krewe of Hercules No Limit Tournament

This was my first appearance in the Krewe of Hercules No Limit Tournament. I was told there were about 160-180 players that showed up. Early on, it was a donk fest trying to chip up early and got caught in the middle couple times trying to win some races. 3 rebuys + 1 addon later I finally got my chipstack up to $42,000 from a total donk on my right. He had been preflop raising every other hand with very marginal hands like 45 suited, A2 suited, J9 suited. I had about $18,000 chips beginning at this new table and if I was going to play a few pots with this guy I was going to make it count.

Two key hands stick in my mind with this one very very agressive player. He had about $45,000 at the time and he was to my right. Blinds were 2,000/4000. He min raises 1 spot before the button, and the guy in the BB had been very tight at this point with about maybe 3 1/2 BB's left. Well I looked down at 3 4 spades, and thought about it for about 5 seconds with $24,000 left in chips and I decided to shove because he was obviously trying to pickup blinds like before. Everyone folded back to initial raiser, he thought about it for about 15-20 seconds folded showed me his 55 and said "I'll give you some respect". Well being that he had been really agressive, I knew I could probably put him on tilt if I showed him my 3 4 suited. Well, I told him I had pair and showed him the 3. I didn't want the rest of players to think I had loose image and that I really had a hand. Well about 3 hands later I picked up QQ, once again he raised 3 times the blind and I pushed, he only had half his stack left and he called me with J10. It

Now we down to the last 4 tables. Had about $42,000 left when I got 99 in late position with small blind and big blind left to act. Of course I pushed preflop with blinds $5,000/$10,000 which I only had like 4 big blinds. Small blind took about 1 minute to call and flopped over K10 off suit. He flopped K, and the rest is history... good game sir, good call at the right time. If my 99 holds here I have a very good chance of getting to Final Table with my agressive play and as long as I was getting cards to push. Before this hand, the table was playing pretty tight after that first donk I chipped up from. All in all, I had a very good time, and I feel it was a pretty good turnout.


Derek Ridley